by Fleur Kilpatrick

May 1-12, 2018

Blood Moon Theatre, Sydney

"Director Liz Arday’s concepts are strong, and they make for a show that is ultimately thought-provoking and rewarding" - Suzy Goes See

"An intricate, alluring commentary on gender, power and consent" - Weekend Notes

"Yours the Face is a stunning one person Australian play by Fleur Kilpatrick – exploring beauty, vulnerability, emptiness, power and sex... The incorporation of digital art with this play worked sensationally – it was bright, alive and in complete sync with the performance" - The Buzz From Sydney

"I found it all too exciting to see new Australian talent Daniela Haddad emerge into the foreground. Although raw in experience, Haddad carried us through the struggles of living in a material world focalised on the physical, the flaming desire to connect in a disconnected world" - Grunge Children

An Australian photographer and an American model come together in London to create the perfect image. But behind the pixels lies a world of obsession, exploitation and emptiness. Yours the Face is the story of a photograph. Or rather, it is the story of the story that the photograph will not tell.


From the pen of Australian playwright Fleur Kilpatrick (2018 Max Afford Playwrights’ Award winner) comes an intricate and alluring commentary on gender, power and consent. Staged as a duologue for a solo voice, exciting newcomer Daniela Haddad performs the duel roles of Emmy and Peter.


Part theatre, part video installation, part feminist reclamation.

Writer Fleur Kilpatrick 

Direction Liz Arday

Assistant Director Lana Kershaw 

Lighting Design Liam O'Keefe 

AV & Design Liz Arday

Stage Manager & Operator Bridget Dutoit


Performed by Daniela Haddad

Production Photography: Liz Arday

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