• Liz Arday

new show announcement! K I N G🚬

We're so thrilled to announce our first show of 2020:

KING by Dennis Matsikas

March 22-30, The Hope Theatre London

Tickets are £12/£15 can be booked here

Well… that didn’t work!

Meet King: a down-on-his-luck migrant dishpig locked out in the back alley for the night (again) with only the bins to keep him company. Over the course of an hour King will unfurl his life story – from the tiny triumphs to the massive losses, along the mad journey taking him from mainland Europe to the grimy metropolis of London.

KING is a satirical monologue about life, crushed dreams and bad luck, written and performed by award winning Greek playwright, stand-up comedian and actor Dennis Matsikas.

Offie nominated LZA Theatre make their Hope Theatre debut with this hilarious and confronting social comedy-tary, directed by award winning director Liz Arday.

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