Production Photography:  Liz Arday


or, all the awful things you can imagine and then at the end a prayer

a short film by Liz Arday, after Charles Mee

London, 2017

Eleven anonymous strangers tell their secrets in confidence to a single lens. A caustic and claustrophobic celebration of humanity on the fringe and the ick bits that make us squeam.

A film by Liz Arday

Performed by (in order of appearance): Elizabeth McNally, Steven Mortimer, Vincent Sheils, Christopher McMullen, Abbie Murphy, Sally Grey, Faidon Loumakious, David MacCann, Corinne Furlong & Alex Okoampa.

Directed & edited by Liz Arday

(re)made from the Charles Mee performance text of the same name

Music: Machinamentum Auxilium by Gavin Gamboa 

Special Thanks: Charlotte Henery, Corinne Furlong & Emily Arday.

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