Founded in 2016 by award winning Australian director Liz Arday, LZA was born from a desire to make immediate, politically conscious and conceptually astute work. 


Our projects are driven by Liz’s own personal intersections of identity, including being female, working class, and a migrant. As such, LZA is committed to challenging the status quo and creating work that is global, contemporary and subversive.


As a company:


✹ We champion working class, migrant and feminist stories.

✹ We promote cultural diversity both on our stages and behind the scenes.

✹ We amplify the voices of and opportunities for women.

✹ We love new writing and aren’t afraid to torch the old guard.

✹ We don’t make work the audience wants, but what they need.

✹ We aren’t afraid to be political and to be loud.

✹ We aim to make contemporary work that is welcoming and accessible for all.

Over the past four years we have produced six works in both Australia and the UK, have been Offie nominated for The Eisteddfod (2017) and made one art-film, Jesus (2016). Our next work KING was due to debut at the Hope Theatre London in March 2020 before embarking on an international fringe-festival tour but has been postponed due to COVID-19. We’re looking forward to being able to start making work again once it’s safe to do so, and are enjoying some downtime to cement plans for our next string of works.


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